The Megabox Collection

The largest of the collection is the Megabox. The Megabox is generally a large diorama usually involving a harbour and town or similar. The details inside these is insane with every item inside the table designed with a theme in mind even down to the posters and graffiti on the walls. The average size would be coffee table size and the scale inside is usually 1/450 or so. Given that these can take a year to complete it is best to contact me directly to discuss a potential custom order. All parts inside are designed and built specially for each table. In my opinion these are some of the most fun and interesting tables available now and are a great talking point too. Each one also comes with it's own newspaper or tourist brochure to show you some of the highlights of your table.

I also consider commissions, project dependent of course, get in contact with me if you'd like to discuss anything of that nature.
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