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Welcome to Microbox Furniture.

This is the online home of all of my various creations. Here you will find anything from small model car displays to entire cities contained within coffee tables.

All these items are designed and constructed right here in Wexford Ireland by myself. Each one is completely unique so you can be assured when you buy something from me you will be the only person on the planet that has that exact item.

I pay very very close attention to detail and try to include as much as I can think of in each of these pieces.

The Microboxes are the smallest of these creations and generally contain one (sometimes two) vehicles and scenery to suit them, each one is numbered and documented and the range is always being added to. The next largest is the Microbox Plus which is very similar to the standard Microbox but larger.

The next size up is the Midibox, these are small end tables (beer & remote tables). These generally contain any number of vehicles in scales ranging between 1/64 to 1/24 scale. Highly detailed scenery and internal lighting. Some contain two modes of lighting, day and night mode. Day illuminates the entire table and night illuminates just interior and street lights.

The largest of the collection is the Megabox. The Megabox is generally a large diorama usually involving a harbour and town or similar. The details inside these is insane with every item inside the table designed with a theme in mind. The average size would be coffee table size and the scale inside is usually 1/450 or so. Given that these can take a year to complete it is best to contact me directly to discuss a potential custom order.

Feel free to have a browse through the website and hopefully you'll find something you like.

I also consider commissions, project dependent of course, get in contact with me if you'd like to discuss anything of that nature.
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